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Center For Avian Enrichment

Welcome to the Center For Avian Enrichment

Welcome to the Center For Avian Enrichment

Welcome to the Center For Avian EnrichmentWelcome to the Center For Avian EnrichmentWelcome to the Center For Avian Enrichment

Fostering with CFAE

Thank you for expressing interest in fostering a bird from The Center for Avian Enrichment. This is a serious commitment for you, your family, and the bird - as well as for the center. When fostering a bird, please understand you are accepting the honor of providing a nurturing, caring and enriched environment for the bird you are fostering. You become an integral part of The Center for Avian Enrichment and its goal to provide a safe and engaging temporary home for a companion parrot. Our fostering process is designed to be in the bird(s) best interest, and we appreciate your patience with this process. Our relationship to you is important to us, and we depend upon your support now, as well as in the future, to improve the lives of all parrots. Your participation and ongoing data collection regarding your companion parrot(s) will be invaluable to our efforts and help us improve the overall wellbeing of our parrot companions. 

Making a difference

Our foster birds come from many sources: Contra Costa Animal Shelter, Medical Center for Birds, the public and other various sources - from owners who are no longer able to care for their companion birds. We arrange for the fostering of many of these birds who we feel will thrive in a foster home situation. In addition, we provide a refuge for many parrots that cannot be placed outside our care. All birds entering our care receive an extensive medical workup to help determine the best possible placement for each bird.

Taking care of an exotic bird is a serious responsibility. The Center for Avian Enrichment insists that each person who fosters a bird understands these responsibilities and can fulfill them. More than with most pets, it is true that not everyone who wishes to live with an exotic bird is able to provide for that birds well being. Because of this, we do not foster bird(s) to children. All foster requests must be made by an adult that is 21 years of age or older. We want children to learn how to relate to all animals, but we do not encourage the sole responsibility of the care of a bird as a child's teaching tool.

The following application has been designed to aid both you and The Center for Avian Enrichment in determining whether you and your family can provide a suitable environment for parrots in accordance with our protocol.  Please answer all questions and explain any answers or add comments. If a question does not apply, please write "N/A."

We appreciate your interest in fostering a parrot from The Center for Avian Enrichment, and for taking the time to complete this application. All applicants will be carefully reviewed and our Foster Coordinator will contact you shortly. 


Download a foster application. Complete and return to Feathered Follies at 1820 Arnold Industrial Way, Suite N Concord, CA 94520 or scan and email to cfaeparrots@gmail.com

AvianEnrichmentApp (pdf)