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Center For Avian Enrichment

Welcome to the Center For Avian Enrichment

Welcome to the Center For Avian Enrichment

Welcome to the Center For Avian EnrichmentWelcome to the Center For Avian EnrichmentWelcome to the Center For Avian Enrichment

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About Luigi

Luigi is the official CFAE ambassador. He came to us with a severely overgrown beak that was cutting into his neck, and a fair amount of arthritis in his feet. In spite of his discomfort, this 30 year old Red Lored Amazon is the sweetest, cuddliest, most amazing bird we've ever had the pleasure of knowing. 

After a successful surgery at the amazing Medical Center For Birds (MCFB), Luigi's beak was brought back to a normal and usable state. He needed to learn how to eat again, but is now quite the healthy eater!

Unfortunately, Luigi has had a bit of a setback this last week and is back at MCFB for more diagnostic testing. He'll be getting a CT scan under anesthesia to get a good look at his eye/cranial area to see what's causing his eye to swell and be in pain. The cost isn't cheap, but if any bird deserves to be given a chance to thrive, it's this one! 

Updated 8/29/2018


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was relinquished to CFAE on 1/30/2019. She is a sweet bare-eyed cockatoo, DNA'd female. Marilyn will be in quarantine for the next 30 days, but as soon as she comes out, she's going to be ready to meet all you potential fosters and adopters! Call or come see us on March 1, 2019!!!


Crackers is a 30 year old Panama Amazon. Crackers is on a diet as he is a HEFTY boy (or girl!). This sweetie pie is pretty darn cute and quite friendly. He might be a little overprotective of his cage, but warms up fairly quickly. He is perch trained and super sweet once outside of his cage. He has a fondness for apples and almonds. Crackers was relinquished due to allergies his owner developed to him. 

Crackers has a large lipoma that we're hoping will reduce in size the longer he gets to enjoy his new food choices. No more of that yucky seed garbage for him! Working with MCFB, we are making great improvements. 

When he's a happy boy, he's quietly chatty. Crackers is full of personality and looking for his forever home. 

Updated 7/12/2018


Zoey is a blue and gold macaw, DNA'd female, approximately 10 years old. She loves to dance and loves it when she's sung to. The Beatles are her favorite!!!  


🎼 ♪ ♫ ♭  She loves me, yeah yeah yeah yeah  ♪ ♮ ♪ 

Zoey seeks a lot of attention and would do well in a home where her people are familiar with large parrots and setting limits. Why don't you come out and play a game of peek-a-boo and get to know this lovely lady a little better?

Zoey was relinquished due to spending the majority of her days alone due to work schedules. She needed much more attention than her owners were abble to give. She is used to living with other dogs.

Updated 7/15/2018